Playlist Curation FAQ

How does it work?

Quite simply, we want a simple engine to discover and share playlists. Playlist Curation is well-marketed and serves a purpose of getting more listeners to playlists and the artists within them.

Does it cost anything?

Absolutely not. This website is supported by minimal advertising. There is never any cost to submit playlists. Additionally, no login or account is required nor are you required follow anything to participate. 

What is a featured playlist?

Featured playlists are chosen based on votes and occasional editor selections. Featured playlists get shared on our social channels and are featured in our monthly newsletter to our subscribers.

Do Playlists Get Shared on Social Media?

We actively share select playlists on Twitter and Facebook from playlists that are featured and/or accepting submissions.

How do I get a playlist featured?

Featured playlists are chosen based on votes and occasional editor selections. To get your playlist featured, share the playlist with your social network and get as many likes as possible.

Can I accept track submissions for a playlist?

Yes, however Playlist Curation does not host submission inquiries.

When you fill out the submission form, you have the option to accept submissions and post a URL where you accept submissions for your playlist. This can be a submit gate such as Soundplate, or your own URL.

Important: Submission URLs cannot be added after you have submitted your playlist. If you want to accept track submissions, please have your submit gate or URL prepared prior to filling out the playlist submission form. 

Is cover art required for playlist submission?

Yes. We require square format cover art for each playlist on our website. Need cover art? Check out this tool.

I submitted my playlist, but don't see it on the site.

All playlists are reviewed and posted by our editors, typically within a few hours but can be as long as 48 hours. We do this to ensure quality and formatting prior to adding it to our database.

If you don't see your playlist within 48 hours, it was unlikely accepted by our editors.

Some of the reasons we won't accept a playlist include:

* The playlist only features one artist

* The image (cover art) is not in a square format

* The image (cover art) has a watermark from a stock photo website or we suspect copyright violations.